Highlighting Unique Features in a Property

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No two properties are the same—each property has unique features that make it exceptional from other properties on the market. It is essential that a property owner knows how to make the unique features of property stand out and attract new clients. Highlighting these features in the right way will increase your chances of having tenants in all the houses. Outstanding real estate agents in Canary Wharf understand this concept and thus deliver excellent results in property management. Some of the few things you can do to highlight features in a property include:

Photographs of the Features

Marketing is not a new concept for property owners looking to get tenants. There are daily advertisements in newspapers and magazines regarding different properties. It is essential to attach photographs of a home when placing the advertisements. That way, a client gets to see what to expect in the house. The photos will also help convince the tenant that your property is the ideal one for them.

Virtual Tours

Besides uploading photos, you can opt to take videos of the property and upload it to a suitable platform. Unlike the photos that are individual items, videos are continuous images in motion. The tenant gets a deeper view of the organisation of the rooms in a home. Virtual tours are almost the same as house tours and serve the same purpose.

Quality Images and Videos

As much as taking photos and virtual tours of a home is important, you need to ensure that the images and videos are of high quality. First, high-quality media tell that you are professional and that you pay attention to detail. Second, potential clients get a clear view of a home and all the features in it. You can use your mobile phone to take these media if the quality will be high. If not, you can opt to hire a photographer to take the photos.

Tenant Testimonials

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The best people to market your property are former tenants. Therefore, when a tenant is vacating the property, request them to leave a review on your website or social media platform. Potential tenants will be more convinced about the worth of your property when they hear from an individual who has lived there.


You can never win an argument without having all the facts right. Therefore, use the same strategy of gathering facts when you want to get new tenants. Issue tenants with facts about the area in which your property is in, the number of tenants you have had, and quality of service. Gather enough hard evidence to support your facts to increase your chances of convincing a tenant.

Highlighting features in a property may seem like a lot of work; however, it could be the difference between a successful property developer and an unsuccessful one. Real estate agents use this strategy to attract potential tenants in the property they manage. As a property owner, liaising with these agents will see that you get maximum return on your investment, which is the desire of every property owner.

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