3 House-Hunting Etiquette Rules Every Homebuyer Must Know

couple house hunting outside a large house
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couple house hunting outside a large houseBefore going house hunting, you have probably heard lots of smart tricks already: visit the property at different times of the day, take note of first impressions and red flags, snap lots of pictures, rate the house. If you think this is enough to land you the perfect home, you might need to reconsider. More than being smart on your visits, you have to practice courtesy. Remember that well-mannered buyers always win over witty ones, in the eyes of real estate agents. That said, here are the unwritten house-hunting etiquette rules that you should know:

Be on time—always.

This is a given. To show up at the time you and the real estate agent agreed is important. You want to show them respect and communicate with them how serious you are in this. The host might size up your sense of commitment and responsibility with how you handle time, so handle it well. If you’re going to be late, call them up. If it’s an open house, do arrive early, just before the other homebuyers show up. You won’t just make a good impression on agents but also seize the opportunity of them having their focus on you. You’ll be able to get answers to your questions right away. If you can’t go early, just make sure that you won’t arrive at the last minute when the agent is already turning the lights off and stacking up flyers.

Limit who goes with you.

It’s nice to have friends and kids come with you during this very exciting part of the house hunt. However, it’s probably not the wisest to do. For one, you’ll probably get a lot of unsolicited, unnecessary advice from peers. Also, you won’t have your full, undivided attention on the home if you have kids to take care of and keep away from the vases and chinaware. As a courtesy to the agent and other homebuyers, you don’t want to create too much inconvenience for them. Keep the kids at home then, and just update your friends via chat or your next dinner get-together. If you really want to involve the kids in this process, let them join you when you’re down to your last two options for homes. Let them explore the community’s amenities such as the playgrounds and parks. The fine houses and land that agents in Melbourne’s North offer are located in family-friendly communities, so you might want to check that out.

Senior Couple Hugging in Front of Sold Real Estate SignDress appropriately.

Wear clean, comfortable clothing. Look presentable. You may not be going to a as meeting, but again, looking decent will communicate respect to the seller or their agent. Plus, whether you like it or not, your appearance will matter at how they’ll judge your integrity as a buyer. Thus, wear smart casual clothes. That’s your safest bet. Pay special attention to your footwear. It must be something that’s easily slipped on and off, as there are agents who request taking off shoes to keep the cleanliness of the house. You might be asked to wear surgical booties, so be prepared for that. This is for your advantage as well since you’ll be able to see the house in its pristine condition.

Again, it’s not enough to be a smart homebuyer when doing your house visits. You have to show courtesy and respect for others. Keep in mind these etiquette rules as you drive up to your next house target.

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