From One Millennial Homeowner to Another: Selling Your Property to Gen Y Buyers

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When your home can no longer accommodate your needs, this could be the best time to move on and find another suitable abode. This is especially true when even a home improvement won’t be enough to meet your family’s ever-changing needs. If you are a millennial homeowner, this can be a good time to help your fellow millennials find their dream home. Who knows? Your home could be the kind of house they are looking for.

Since you are also a millennial yourself, you already have an advantage since you already know what your fellow millennials want and need. But how can you entice them to buy your home? Aside from a simple research on some of the best real estate tips for selling, here are a few things worth keeping in mind.

A Space at Home Where One Can Work

The Covid-19 crisis accelerated telecommuting and caused kids to start learning from home. With more kids studying from home and workers working remotely, we can expect that most home buyers these days need a space they can use for working and studying. This only means you can benefit from staging the house and making look feasible for remote work and learning.

Consider a part of the house that has less traffic, less noise, and offers less distraction. Reinvent the space by renting ergonomic furniture, stylish storage, and decorations that are easy on the eyes. Add an indoor plant or two and invest in adequate lighting.

Make sure to feature this part of the house when showing off to millennial buyers. Take great photos of the space and give them more reasons to love this nook. Be sure to mention this during virtual tours and in property listings.

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A Clean, Organized and Eco-friendly Home

Millennials are into tiny homes, smaller houses, and minimalist space. This is not just because this all they can afford to buy. They also want their next home to be as environment-friendly as possible.

Even if you don’t have a tiny home or a fixer-upper house, you can still lure fellow millennials into buying your property. Make sure to remove all your personal belongings, collections, and trinkets. Get rid of anything that makes it hard for a home buyers to imagine themselves living in your property for sale.

Clean from the inside and out. As much as possible, remove every item that is not included in the sale. If your new home can’t accommodate your old belongings but you’re not yet ready to let go of these just yet, consider renting a private storage unit instead.

Most millennials have sustainable goals. So make sure your systems and appliances are well-maintained and are working efficiently. The eco-friendlier and more efficient these are, the better.

Consider Owner Financing

If your goal is to sell your home faster, you can consider financing the sale and help millennial home buyers secure the purchase. Some millennials are unable to secure traditional mortgage due to their low credit score. With owner financing, buyers are willing to pay you a higher interest fee in exchange for a faster and cheaper closing and more flexible down payment options.

This allows you to sell the property as-is and receive a lump sum of money instead. You can enjoy better rates from owner financing instead of other investment schemes. You can close the sale faster since the buyer can skip the mortgage process.

But like all financing options, there are cons you need to consider. this is especially true if you are still paying for a mortgage. You want to consult with a property lawyer to make sure the selling process runs smoothly.

Selling your house to millennials can be easy if you know what to do, where to find them, and knows what they need. Consider their needs, requirements, and struggles. You already have an idea of what they might want and need. Do further research and use your knowledge to your advantage. Increase your chances of selling your home to millennial home buyers by keeping these things in mind.

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