The Popular Types of Dwellings in Australia

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A milestone that almost all individuals attain at some point in their lifetime is homeownership. Typically, we often make this big purchase in our 30s, but there are some capable of doing it during their 20s.

Regardless of the age when we do it, we have to consider several factors when purchasing our first (or subsequent) homes. Notably, the types of dwelling available in our chosen location are one of them. Doing so allows us to weigh in each pro and con of a specific residence, which will ultimately result in us making more informed decisions.

Moving forth, here are the most popular dwellings in the country.


This option may appear out of place since any form of land is technically pre-dwelling. However, it’s important to point out the benefit of purchasing an empty area when it comes to dwellings. That means constructing our dream homes. Unlike buying pre-made structures, we have the power when it comes to the layout design, the materials used in the construction, and the experts in charge of various tasks. As a result, we are much more assured of the quality of our homes.

Empty plots of land meant for residential purposes can be found all over the country. Through research on websites like Peppercorn Hill, we can stumble upon land-for-sale listings in Donnybrook, Victoria, and other locations.

Single-Family Detached Houses

Also regarded as the traditional home, single-family detached houses either come brand new, used but recently renovated, or in need of fixing. They also vary based on the architectural style, with Modern, Queen Anne, and Queenslander being some of the more favored choices. Detached homes are also commonly found in the suburbs and other locations, away from the busy business districts, where there is more space for individual houses.

Additionally, the number of bedrooms differ each time, with three bedrooms as the most popular option. There is potential for customization and additions, but this is dependent on the land the house comes with.


Townhouses in the suburbs

Townhome, row house, semi-detached home — no matter the name used, this type of dwelling is often confused with the traditional house and semi-detached homes considering how similar they are in appearances.

The noteworthy difference between a townhouse and a traditional home is the shared walls between three or more houses. On the other hand, a townhouse is most akin to a semi-detached dwelling due to the shared walls. However, semi-detached homes come as a pair with plenty of land surrounding the house. In comparison, townhouses only have small spaces for the front yard.

Based on the location, townhouses are cheaper than detached homes. However, the lower initial pricing is weighed down for some buyers due to the decrease in privacy and recurring payments for Homeowners Association fees.


With more places becoming highly urbanized, the need for space-saving dwellings continues to rise. It is even more so in the inner cities, where land is scarce and the standard of living is high. Hence, residential units are created.

Units come in different forms with unique amenities that depend on the dwelling structure they are a part of. A few examples are apartments, condos, and duplexes. These units are multiple residences located in one dwelling, sharing common walls and ceilings. Nowadays, the most remarkable example is condos, which are more premium than apartments. This is thanks to the amenities these modern buildings offer to condo owners.

Knowing the difference between these dwellings, we can safely compare and contrast the following while keeping our dream destinations and lifestyles in mind.

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