Moving to the Suburbs: Top 3 Options Outside of Melbourne That Fit Your Budget

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Choosing to live in the suburbs might come with its own set of challenges, but it will definitely be the best investment you will be making. These days, many people have succumbed to the charm of suburban living. While city life offers a long list of advantages, including many job opportunities and diverse cuisine to discover, living in the suburbs also has a lot of perks. You can look forward to a lower cost of living, tolerable traffic, and most importantly, value-for-money real estate.

Here are three of the best suburban communities in Melbourne that fit all the requirements mentioned above:


Located approximately 30 minutes from Melbourne’s Central Business District, Tarneit is the perfect balance of rural and urban living. It boasts of several colleges that can cater to both middle and upper-class families and a newly constructed railway station that is deemed the most efficient mode of transportation for a town of 35,000 residents.

While there’s never a shortage of shopping centers close by to keep you entertained, you can opt to explore the diverse culinary scene it offers as it is known for being a multi-cultural community. If you’re more a fan of the active lifestyle, however, you would be pleased to know that Tarneit doesn’t have a shortage of open spaces, bike paths, and nature trails.

While Melbourne’s median house price is pegged at around $852,000, the cost for house and land packages in Tarneit is a whopping 35% lower than the average.


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Home to a fairly young demographic with an average of 31 years old, Laverton is a small, quaint town housing an estimated 5,000 people.  Located just 17 kilometers away from the Melbourne Central Business District, it is serviced by the Werribee railway line with two stations at Laverton and Aircraft. If you’re a baseball aficionado, you would definitely love the fact that this small suburb is where the Melbourne Ballpark baseball stadium is.

With its diverse cultural heritage, it is safe to say that Laverton is a melting pot of numerous cultures. This is made apparent by the various regional restaurants dotting the area. The median house price in Laverton is estimated to be at $545,000.


If you’re a nature-lover looking for a suburb boasting of verdant greens and atypical cultural celebrations, you would find Belgrave most suitable for you. Held simultaneously with Australia Day, the Belgrave Survival Day honors the indigenous peoples and their continuing contribution to the town’s rich cultural heritage. Located 35 kilometers east of Melbourne’s CBD, it is also home to the Belgrave Lake Park and Belgrave Recreational Reserve.

While it is seemingly a nature-lover’s dream destination, this town of less than 4,000 is only a 50-minute trip from the city center. With a railway station conveniently located near the main street shops, one can easily commute to and from work on a daily basis. On average, a house-and-land property in Belgrave is estimated to be at $649,000.

Before you decide on renting or buying a home, it is imperative to review the factors and the reasons behind your decision to relocate. It is also advisable to talk to reputable property brokers, so you can be presented with the best options in terms of your preferred location and budget.

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