Maayong Pag-Abot: Moving to Cebu City

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Cebu is one of the most progressive and cities in the country with its economy growing steadily. Some of the biggest contributors to this growth include tourism, information technology business processing outsourcing, and construction.

According to Stanley Go, president of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the economic forecast remains the same for 2019 as tourism continues to lift the city’s economy further. The managing director of Cebu IT-BPM Organization (Cib.O) also gave equal merit as current investors looking for more areas to expand.

In addition to these promising developments, Cebu is also known for its laid-back and diverse culture. Today, more and more people are moving to Cebu. If you’re also thinking of settling to this city, here are a few reminders.


Having a stable source of income is the first thing you need to prioritize. While there are many opportunities in Cebu, it would be helpful if you do more research. Unless you’re starting your own business, you need to know the required skill set to get a job. Some of the in-demand jobs in this city include IT professionals, sales executives, engineers and contractors, and tourism personnel.

Cost of Living

Depending on where you are currently residing, you may observe a lot of price changes in Cebu. In comparison, the total cost of living in Cebu is about 6% lower than Manila. One of the biggest factors here is the housing rates marking a 16% difference. Food, clothes, personal care, and other entertainment products and services are also cheaper in Cebu. On the other hand, the means of transportation in Manila is cheaper by 3%.

Housing Option

Condo building shot from the bottomFinding a place to live in this city will not be a challenge. There are several options you can choose from. As mentioned earlier, housing prices including rental rates are quite lower compared to other main cities. Other than house and lot and apartments, you will also find world-class Cebu City condo for sale. There are also rent-to-own houses offering a more flexible payment scheme.


With the city’s comic development, starting a business in Cebu can also be a good move. You can invest in small businesses like boutiques, food stalls, loading stations, Internet café, and many more. For bigger investments, real estate looks promising, as well.

You will also hear a lot of success stories from expats and investors around the globe. Apart from establishing BPO companies, some also had a successful business run in this city. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of Cebu’s tourism steady growth.


The best thing about living in Cebu is that most people are multilingual. You will rarely experience a language barrier. This is also why expats and tourists love to stay here. Other than its local dialect or language, most Cebuanos are also fluent in English, Tagalog, and even Spanish.

All in all, moving to Cebu can be a good decision. Whether you’re raising a family or simply looking for a new journey, this could be the perfect place. Just do more research so that you can prepare for the future.

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