Kapitolyo, Pasig: Why It Could be Your New Address in the Metro

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Kapitolyo, a village in Pasig city, is known for its food scene and thriving commercial districts. Real estate development has blossomed in recent years, offering sound opportunities for people who want to live and work here or invest in property. It comes as no surprise that this spot in the city is gaining ground as an attractive residential address.

An Array of Condominiums for Sale or for Rent

Despite the traffic situation, living in Metro Manila can be appealing, especially if you live near Kapitolyo. With many condominiums for sale or for rent in Ortigas or any other nearby cities for that matter, it’s like living the urban dream.

It wouldn’t be too hard to find a suitable place that suits your modern lifestyle, considering the number of high-rise condominiums within Pasig City. You just have to find the right unit which suits your lifestyle and budget. But don’t just look at the price at face value. Consider what you’ll get for a certain rent.

For example, a P20,000 rent may be steep, but you’ll have access to a gym, a pool, and more options for public transportation. Measure that amount against a cheaper rent that has fewer amenities and one that’s too far from your workplace.

Access to Central Business Districts

A condominium or apartment in Kapitolyo, Pasig puts you smack in the middle of four major central business districts (CBDs): Ortigas, Bonifacio Global City, Mandaluyong, and Makati.

Working in these CBDs won’t be much of a hassle if you drive or commute. Driving from Kapitolyo to whichever of the central business districts is relatively smooth. The traffic situation is slow at peak hours, which is the case for most cities in Metro Manila. But if you leave your home earlier, you might not have to worry about coming in late to the office.

And there is good news on the horizon: the BGC-Ortigas Center road project. The project covers the construction of the four-lane Sta. Monica to Lawton Bridge, connecting Lawton Avenue in Makati and Sta. Monica Street in Pasig. It also includes a viaduct structure covering Lawton Avenue up to the entrance of Bonifacio Global City. This project could ease getting around the different cities.

For commuters, there are public transportation that go straight to the four major CBDs. You may opt to the ride the Manila Railway Transit (MRT), or you can ride the buses, UV express, or jeepneys for work.

A Regular Foodies’ Paradise

When it comes to must-try dining places, Kapitolyo has been the go-to destination, with gems every food lover craves.

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You’ll find practically every country represented in restaurants in Kapitolyo. On any given night, you’ll have your pick of Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, Vietnamese, and of course, the beloved Filipino cuisine.

In addition to dining hotspots, you’ll find a barrage of coffee shops across this bustling, cosmopolitan neighborhood. There are big chain coffee brands for those who prefer trendy drinks and third wave coffee spots for those who choose artisanal, specialty brews.

Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig is vibrant and alluring. With its high-rise residential buildings, easy access to CBDs, and dining destinations that dot its streets, living in this neighborhood can give you the lifestyle you envision. And with upcoming projects to ease traffic congestion, you may not have to worry about carmageddon.

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