It’s the One: 3 Signs You’ve Found the Right Home

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Sometimes, home buyers get that gut feeling that they’ve already found the right one. They will bring the money to the table almost immediately. In other instances, though, some are hesitant to trust their instinct. After all, emotions can be deceiving sometimes. One moment, someone’s utterly in love with every part of the condo, but the next, they’re suffering a bad case of buyer’s remorse. If you need reassurance that you have found the right home, here are the signs to watch out for:

1. The space ticks off your basic needs.

The right home is right precisely because it supports your lifestyle. It may not have the jacuzzi or the butler’s pantry you’ve always wanted, but it ticks off all your must-haves, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the floor area, and the layout and overall arrangement of different zones in the space. If you’re like the average Filipino family who opts for only the bare essentials, consider a condo unit as your next home. This type of residential living arrangement cleverly uses space and supports the on-the-go lifestyle of many modern families. All the same, make sure that it’s clear on your end what exactly is it that you need in a home. List the home feature essentials you’re looking for before you even start visiting properties.

2. The atmosphere makes you envision your future life.

It’s rare to experience an instant connection to an unfamiliar space. That’s why if you can imagine yourself lounging around the living room while enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning or eating in the dining room with all your family complete, then the space is definitely worth considering.

Check out a condo unit in Ortigas Center, and you might just find its ambiance inviting. Not just in the actual unit itself, mind you, but in the entire complex. Condo communities in the heart of the metro are some of the close-knit urban neighborhoods. Hence, you will never find it difficult to envision your future life. You will feel right at home. Visit the developers’ model units. This will further help you visualize use and decoration of the space.

3. The bathroom doesn’t make you uneasy.

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The bathroom is often an overlooked space, but the way you’d check out this area can reveal a great deal about what you feel about the home. Because the bathroom is a personal space, it’s usually one of the few sections at home that’s either passed up or lingered at. If you skip this part of the home, only looking at it from the outside or poking your head a bit to take a glance, you might not be as comfortable as you should be in the home. This is an indication that there’s something off with the space. Not necessarily wrong, but probably it just didn’t quite satisfy your sense of comfort. If you find yourself going in the bathroom and feel the urge to check out the fixtures and cabinets, check yourself in the mirror, then this is your home.

Buying a home is a major decision. That’s why it’s important to secure that assurance that you’re indeed buying a home you’d enjoy for years. Keep in mind these signs as you visit one home after another to spot “the one” right away.

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