Investments You Should Make as a Millenial

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Millennials now find themselves in the position of figuring out what to do with their money. Savings have been set aside for most older millennials, and the younger half of the demographic is considering what to do once they’ve hit financial stability. Since many millennials want to be able to spend on entertainment and luxury, these long-term investments can provide the funds for that.


Getting a property at this age is smart because you may have set up a cash fund for partial payments and you still have the energy to pay off any housing loans you may need through the next few years. Picking the right place can improve your financial plan and your lifestyle.

Even if you get a real estate package in Geelong through the likes of Ashbury Armstrong Creek, this is viable as both a personal investment as well as a means of profit. Purchasing a property for yourself can give you a stable home in the long run that can also increase the value of your assets. Being a homeowner takes away the stresses and limitations of renting.

For those who are interested in another means of earning, the purchased property can either be leased out to individuals or resold once the property value has increased. The latter can be achieved either be waiting on market trends or flipping the house. A more long-term stable flow would be to use it as a landlord, though.

Business ventures

Even though there is always a risk in delving into new business ventures, this can prove to be one of the best investments you can make during this time in your life. With strategic moves, you can even use this as a means to be your own boss and focus your energy on this.

That said, this is still a viable option even for those who are more comfortable with their existent career paths. Having an investment can provide an additional stream of revenue on the side and open other opportunities in the future.

Given the stable commodity prices boasted in Australia’s economy, now is also one of the safer times to put money into the market. As long as you can analyze which industries you have an interest in and are not likely for a deficit, this can be a significant long-term commitment with lots of rewards.

Shares and funds

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Putting your eggs in more than one basket is a good way to ensure you don’t end up with nothing should one venture not work out. This is where getting shares and funds come into play.

Exchange-Traded Funds allows you to get assets without as high a price on your initial investment. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission stated that this choice is for those who can understand that it has a high rate of returns in the long-term with the trade-off that is a higher risk than savings accounts.

ETFs cover a multitude of products, materials, and even currency, but some may also choose to put their money into the stock exchange. This option has more of a tendency for fluctuation but can also bring substantial returns with strategic investments.

With smart decisions and planning, you can eventually make your money work for you. It can be a great way to ensure a smooth future and even bring you closer to earlier financial comfort.

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