Can Indoor Team Building Activities Work for Your Office?

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Team building activities are an integral part of every company retreat. It brings your employees closer and prompts harmony in the workplace. It also strengthens relationships between colleagues with activities outside of work.

Where to Hold It

Team building events either occur outdoors or indoors. Outdoor activities usually happen on a resort, on the beach, on an island, or on other tourist hot spots. These are all fun, but the time lost traveling to these destinations is time taken from your limited schedule.

Indoor activities, on the other hand, are fun exercises you can do in the comfort of your office. These are usually mind games and puzzles that small teams have to solve within a limited time. But before you organize those activities, you need to find out about restrictions stipulated in your office space lease in the business district. Some lease agreements may prevent you from modifying any area.

Indoor team building activities don’t necessarily mean within company premises. You can also rent an events place nearby. A closer location can be a good compromise because you’re not confined to the office, but you don’t need to travel far to improve collaboration and teamwork.

What to Do

Once you figure out the location of your activities, you can plan what you can do. You can determine the scope of the activities, and know whether certain outrageous games may not be feasible.

Here are some suggestions:

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  1. Escape room – The Philippines has seen a rise in escape room activities. Fun, challenging, and engaging, this activity is bound to draw in even the most reclusive of your employees. This is unique because you can build your own escape room instead of just renting out a commercial escape room for a fixed period. You can also customize your office space, within the limits of your lease agreement, for the theme of the escape room.
  2. Board game tournament – For quick company events, organizing a board game tournament is ideal. This event is especially enjoyable for employees with an affinity for board games and games in general. The beauty in organizing your own tournament is that it doesn’t have to take up too much room. Just arrange a few tables. Set out the boards. And serve up delightful snacks. You can pitch teams from different departments and track everyone’s scores to determine the winner
  3. Childhood Filipino game tournament – Revisit your childhood by arranging a set of activities based on Filipino games, from tumbang preso to tago-taguan. Catered team building events usually base their activities from foreign company experiences. Why not invoke a sense of nostalgia in everyone and indulge in local, playful games from the past? Your employees are sure to feel young again after a round of activities.

Regardless of location, all team building activities seek to promote two things: an outlet for relaxation and a way to build camaraderie between colleagues. By setting a platform for them to have fun outside of work, you’re letting them know that you appreciate them and the work that they do for the company.

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