What You Should Consider Before Moving to a New State

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Picking up your current life and settling in a different state is a major event. It doesn’t matter if your family needs this shift or your job is changing, you’ll be getting ready to start a new life in a different state.

Before you embark on this journey, you’ll need to be familiar with the relocation challenges that can make your head spin. After all, every out-of-state move requires plenty of preparation and scheduling.

Here are some things you should consider when relocating to a new state:

  1. Selling Your Home

If you’re going to relocate, you’ll need to sell your residential property and use the money you’ve earned to buy a new house. When coming up with an out-of-state moving plan, make sure you know how to properly sell your home. Hire a licensed real estate agent who can help you with this task.

  1. The Real Estate Market in Your Chosen State

The housing market will vary from state to state. Purchasing (or renting) in a new state can sometimes bring sticker shock. Before you relocate or even sell your home, do your homework by getting a good grasp on a home area in the state you’ll be moving to. A great place to begin would be to check out online real estate listing resources.

  1. Job Opportunities

Your livelihood is vital. When you move to another state, you need the confidence and peace of mind present in a secure career. Depending on the city, state and region, your current position could be plentiful or scarce in your new house.

Before you move, begin the job search now to figure out how abundant your skills and specialty are in your chosen state. What’s more, find out if the area is a hub for your chosen field — or if you should choose a different state.

  1. Taxes

Some states impose different taxes and tax rates, while others don’t tax their residents. Alaska and Oregon, for instance, have no sales tax. Nevada and Washington, for example, have no state income taxes.

If you’re going to relocate to another state, be familiar with the specifics of personal income tax, sales tax, property tax and other taxes. Think about how these will impact your funds or savings in the future.

  1. Health Care

Saying farewell to your long-time doctor means that you’ll have to look for another one who delivers excellent medical care. This, however, is not the only health care consideration you have. You’ll also have to find a dermatologist, eye doctor and dentist. The differences in insurance could affect the cost, as well.

Quality and affordability are two concerns that you should address as you go through this process. Look for a good state with outstanding health care service at a decent price. Hawaii is one example.

health care

  1. Transportation

People tend to take transportation for granted. After all, they have cars, so why would they need to take the bus or train to work or any other place in the city or state?

If you rely on public transportation, however, you’ll want to consider this factor seriously. Some cities offer great public transit systems. Others, unfortunately, will require you to buy a car to get around. You’ll also want to consider your commute to and from the office, as well as the impact of the daily commute on your health and overall budget.

  1. Weather

The amount of rain, snow and sun a state gets goes beyond affecting your social plans, lifestyle and mood. It can also impact your energy bills. Don’t forget to look at average seasonal temperatures. Then, make sure you’re ready for weather changes and related cooling or heating costs (big or small).

  1. People

The U.S. Census Bureau provides valuable info on demographic data. This includes age brackets by state. If you’re thinking of relocating, you’ll want to move to a place where you can meet like-minded locals. You’ll also want to relocate to a place where you can make friends who can assist you in adjusting to your new surroundings.

  1. School Quality

If you have kids, you’ll have to enroll them in a good school. When you move to a new state, the facilities and surrounding resources can shape your experience. The kind of education in the state can directly influence the life of your children.

Even those without young families, however, can benefit from an exceptional education system. If you decide to relocate into a state with valuable universities, colleges and schools, your community may have more opportunities, such as sporting events, fundraisers and plays to attend.

You should consider these nine things before you relocate to another state. Make sure to consult this life-changing event with your family and do the necessary preparations before you move to another location.

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