3 Things To Think About When Buying a Starter Home

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So you’ve decided you’ve had it with renting. The additional monthly dues, probably taking up most of your payslip, all for a place that will never be yours. There are also issues with contracts and thinking of building rules. Sometimes, you can’t even own a pet or freely laugh with friends.

One day, you decided to look for real estate agents in Chigwell, and you’re bursting with excitement. Most first-time homebuyers want a modern kitchen, open floor plans, and energy-efficient equipment. As you think about your dream home and the amenities you want in the house, also consider the bigger picture of how this shift will affect your daily life and your future.

Think about your daily routine

Moving into a new place will surely change a lot of things in your everyday life, but the question is how much of your life are you willing to change?

When searching for a starter home, think about location, transportation, and overall accessibility. It helps to set the limits when it comes to these. How far do you want to be from work and friends? How long are you willing to spend in traffic every day? Do you want your new house to be near restaurants, supermarkets, and the gym?

These questions will determine the area you’d want to check out during house-hunting.

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Think about the future

Thinking about the future determines how long you can see yourself staying in this house. If you’re moving in with a partner, you might want to think about how far into the future you’d want to start your family. You should also think about the size of your family because most starter homes only have three bedrooms at most.

If you’re single and moving into a starter home, your priorities and standards may be a little bit different. It is known that single people have bigger social networks. Maybe you love having people over and throwing parties, creating a lot of hubbubs. However, how long until this could change? When you decide to settle down, will you still want the same things?

Think about the maintenance

Chances are you’re breaking the bank trying to buy a new house. Like thinking about the future, take note of how much maintenance the house will need when you move in. Then, add this to your expenses to be financially prepared.

A starter home will also help your knowledge about owning a house. It will give you insights on electrical connections, plumbing, and general upkeep of the surroundings. This is why a lot of first-time homebuyers look for low maintenance features to avoid plummeting costs as the years go by.

Knowing what you want in a house is a crucial part of purchasing a house. However, acknowledging your limits will help you make a reasonable purchase. A house is an investment, but most of all, you should prioritise yourself before anything else. Your starter home should give you just the right amenities, space, and should cater to the lifestyle you’ve cultivated.

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